Bleu Ciel is our new luxury high rise residential project that is breaking ground this Fall. It will feature a top-tier grocery store at the ground level- think of a hybrid between the Ritz and Whole Foods or The Standard (in new york) and Whole Foods. Some services that the grocery store will provide will be on-site delivery services to the residences, poolside bar, and delivery, exclusive cooking classes and wine tasting events.  We would like for you to come up with a branding identify concepts for this boutique grocery store.

For right now, we are going to code name the grocery store “Fresh” so please use that in the identity you produce.

The aesthetic is “home-y”, “fresh from farm to table”, “organic”, “exclusive” “ritzy” “boutique retail” “expensive” “wealthy” “European market style”

Please provide for “Fresh” :

1)    Logo
2)    Identity branding
3)    Collateral: fliers, signage, advertisement (advertising the opening or services)
4)    A photo of what the website home page could look like with your brand design.